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stubborn, slippery, little squirt

 My spawn have been ill for almost the entire month of February.   Strep throat. Snotty noses.  Pink eye.  COUGHS THAT WON’T FREAKING GO AWAY.  The doctor at the walk-in clinic was a bit concerned about the duration and sound of the spawns’ … Continue reading

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and today he is six….

Six years ago at 12:04 a.m., my Dubya made his way into this world after 28 hours of labor.   And the past six years with him have been nothing but amazing.          This kid is my sidekick, my crazy.  … Continue reading

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low key lovies.

A few weeks ago, Hollywood Boyfriend Jeremy Renner and I decided not to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  The conversation went a little something like this: Me-Don’t buy me anything for VD because I’m not getting you anything. H.B.J.R.-You don’t want to … Continue reading

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Tribute to a Fallen Friend.

The first time I met Noel Huss, he told me how far an IED would string my deployed husband’s intestines.   Needless to say, I didn’t care for him much.  But, he was a customer of the bank where I worked, which … Continue reading

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Nothing Can Stop Hulk

Dubya’s school is having a student organized fundraiser in support of the local branch of the ARL.  The kids pay a quarter a day and get to participate in ‘themed’ dress up days. So far we had Pajama Day (which … Continue reading

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Nerdy McNerderson and Xena Warrior Princess

My children are nothing alike. For me, a continual source of  amazement is to watch their warped little personalities unfold and develop in two very different ways when they are being parented the same way. Dubya is my sweet little man, bright  and inquisitive.  … Continue reading

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After a week of 50-60 degree weather, we finally have our first significant snowfall. Anytime there is snow on the ground, Dubs gets all sorts of stir crazy and wants to be outside rightthisveryminute. That can be tricky to accomplish … Continue reading

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