In which I discuss ALL THE THINGS…

So I haven’t blogged for awhile.  Life gets in the way and between school, preschool, soccer, gymnastics, and guitar lessons, we are some busy little beavers over here at the House of McD.

Now you are just gonna read about ALL THE THINGS.  Gird your loins, fellas.

Working backwards, we have this:


Aren’t they cute?  Dubya enjoys soccer and he gets really into it.  He doesn’t so much as run towards the ball as he does dance towards it.  He cheers and jumps on the sidelines when he isn’t playing.  We won a game, which is more of an added bonus than the desired outcome when you consider how much fun he is having.  Moo…..well…she sure is cute huh?  She walks off the field when she is tired.  Or hot.  Or she wants her ponytail fixed.  But then, soccer at that age isn’t so much about playing soccer.  It is more like an attempted herding of cats.  But again, she sure is cute.

My Hollywood Boyfriend Jeremy Renner and I celebrated 8 years of matrimony.  As always, he was working and I was schlepping kids to and fro, but it was still better than that year he was in Iraq.  Oh and as a ‘Hey you are awesome, I love you, thanks for putting up with me’ present, Hollywood Boyfriend Jeremy Renner surprised me and made arrangements for me to complete item number 2 on my 30 before 30 challenge.

Immediately after Saturday’s soccer games were finished a friend and I headed over to the tattoo shop that a friend of Hollywood Boyfriend Jeremy Renner is apprenticing at and I was tattooed.  It isn’t anything wild or crazy, just a simple quote on my ribs, but it suits me and I like it.  So do the kids.  Dubya keeps telling all his friends about it and Moo washes her imaginary Beauty and the Beast tattoo when I wash mine.(Coincidentally, her ‘Belle tattoo’ is in the exact same spot as my tattoo.  Her level of devotion to me is humbling.)

And so far, that is all I remember.  So in which I discuss ALL THE THINGS just became when I discussed two things.

Eh. If I set the bar low, I can get over it easier.

That’s how it works right?

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