The basics.

The McDs are a familial unit of 4 humans, 2 guinea pigs.  We’ve got Hollywood Boyfriend Jeremy Renner, the (figure)head of the family.  We’ve got Dubya, the firstborn son of Clan McD.  He’s quite possibly a reincarnated eighty-nine year old man.  We’ve got Moo Cow, the spitfire, sassypants of the family.  And there’s me.   The lovely, sweet, calm, kind wife and doting mother of the group.  I talk a lot.  I think my kids are pretty amazing.  I love my husband, even when he is a dingbat.  I swear a lot.

Established in September 2005, the McD house has never been known for being peaceful, serene, and orderly.   The House of McD tends to be a crazy, chaotic mashup.  There’s a fair bit of anarchy in our day to day family doings, many of which will be featured on this here blog.


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